Laurie P. Smith
  • Accelerated Learning Accredited Facilitator + Content Designer [C2C]
  • TMS Accredited Trainer [Team Management Systems]
  • Advanced Level Accredited 'TTT' Facilitator [Maura-Fay]
  • GROW Coach [Blanchard]
  • BA [Hons] Degree holder
  • HND in Business Studies
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing

Laurie is a leading and extremely experienced program designer, facilitator and coach who has trained people from a wide range of organizations across Asia. With a proven reputation and expertise in applying the very latest and most relevant approaches to Communication, Behaviour and Performance - Laurie works with high potential talent, C-Suites and Leaders. Laurie’s mission is to help business professionals maximize their potential and build competencies in-line with their personal and organizational objectives.

Laurie has been an L&D professional for over 20 years - and posseses expert knowledge in a range of skills and business disciplines. From 2006 to 2014, Laurie was program manager, designer and lead facilitator ofcommunication skills training for KPMG China. From 2015 to 2017, Laurie was Senior Facilitator of CRESTCOM's 'Bullet-Proof Manager' - Leadership Skills Program and Team performance. Laurie is also an authority on Customer-Centricity and has delivered seminars and workshops on the topic in Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

From his experience of working more than 35 years in the business world [including over 20 years in the Learning and Development profession] Laurie has developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing leaders, managers and teams in today's highly competitive and fast-changing business world. A dynamic, passionate and highly engaging facilitator, Laurie skillfully challenges participants to consider and apply more effective, relevant behaviours and approaches to ensure that they achieve their business and professional objectives.

Laurie’s distinctly interactive facilitation and coaching style, empowers people to discover key learning for themselves and the confidence to apply new skills and practices to improve their performance. Laurie’s use of highly-focused input, practical application and self-reflection [aided by constructive feedback, analysis and coaching] aligned to action-planning are essential in this process and to ensure the desired outcomes are realised.

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