29 Oct 2018
With more and more youngsters joining the work force, the differences in generations become obvious and arouse management’s attention. However, local survey in this area is limited. In our research on Understanding Generation Differences, we aimed to explore and understand the values and preferences of different generations in Hong Kong so that companies can strategize their management approach, staff development, culture formation, and structure, as a result, they are able to build a more collaborative and productive team to face the future challenges.

In 2018 Q1, we have done a quantitative research on “Understanding Generation Differences in Hong Kong”. We discovered general differences in values and preferences of different generations from the survey. \

As a continuation of our effort to understand these difference so that companies can build a more collaborative and productive team to be successful in the 21st century, an in-depth study of generation differences was conducted in 2018 Q2, to explore further the findings of the Q1's survey and gain more insights of the values, thoughts and feelings behind different generation through focus group study.
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