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Apex Institute (雅邦顧問有限公司) is a professional consulting and training firm specializing in the areas of organizational change, customer experience management, leadership development and executive coaching. Through training, coaching and consulting with applied psychologies, along with an infusion of Chinese wisdom and contemporary management models, we support organizations to achieve internal congruence, realize continuous growth and attain sustainable corporate success.

Why Apex

With our unique heritage of expertise from commercial sectors, coupled with wide exposure in human development, our consultants help organizations to excel and transcend through the development and empowerment of their people. Originated from professional areas of Sales & Marketing, Organizational Learning, Business Operations, Customer Services, Psychology and Research, we are unified in the spirit and effort to support clients’ achievement with our hearts, minds and passion. Here are our unique approach.
People are the driver of innovation and development of an organization. We pay high attention to the needs, expectation and response of people in the design of our programs to ensure the concern of all stakeholders are well recognized which leads to the maximization of the desired results and impact.
We play high emphasis on the practicality of the learning in our in workplace. Along with our knowledge in human motivation and facilitation, we deliver tailored solutions which are pragmatic and effective to achieve the specific objectives of our client.
We stress on the persistency of program results to ensure the lasting impact of change in organizations. Our dynamic program design enables the solidification of skills acquired and the sustainment of momentum for change and improvement. We also facilitate the building of a supportive environment to nurture the continuous growth of the staff and the company.

How We Work

Value centric consulting framework

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Performance Improvement Approach

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Three levels of Customization

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We provide a series of up-to-date programs for the organizations to develop 21st CENTURY LEADERSHIP capabilities and lead their workforces into the new world of work.

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