Value centric consulting framework

Value centric consulting framework

Apex institute (雅邦顧問有限公司)ascertains that alignment among the management, business units, team and individual is essential for the effective implementation of positive change in an organization.

Our 4-Step Value Centric Consulting Framework has proven record of success in enabling successful achievement of the specific objectives for our clients  

  • Identify the core values driving the objectives of the program;
  • Understand the customers, management’s and staff’s perception, emotion and behaviors towards these values, and finally;
  • Work through the four stages of corporate improvement process: awareness, define, execute and nurture

We assist our clients to be aware of the need and rationale for change through effective communication with all stakeholders, taking into account the specific needs in the different corporate situations.
We facilitate all those concerned to reach a consensus to define the appropriate direction and strategy for the business through open dialog and consideration of different options, which increases collaboration and commitment among the stakeholders.
After identifying the gap between the desired goals and the present situation, we execute the action of delivering solutions to client which include transformation of mindset, acquirement of skills, alignment of teamwork and refinement of processes and systems to support the effective implementation of the change.
To maximize the program impact, we assist clients to create and nurture a supportive environment and structure which sustain the continuous growth of both the staff and the organization

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