Value Based Selling

Value Based Selling

Today’s selling environment is more competitive than ever. As markets commoditize in the eyes of the customers, their perception of value differences between competing products or services gradually erodes. Value no longer resides in the products or services themselves, but in the manner in which they are sold and delivered. In essence, how you create value in the selling process is becoming more important to the customer than what you sell.

Supported by profound researches in customer behaviour and our extensive experience in sales management and training, Apex Institute has discovered the Value-added Selling approach which reveals how to create value for customer before, during and after the transaction, enabling the salesperson to be a solution consultant and strategic partner of the customers who can ultimately win customers’ preference over the competitors.


Level 1: Fundamental Sales Skills

This area covers the most crucial selling skills which include selling cycle management, target management, prospecting and time management.

Level 2: Be a Luckier Sales Person

This area tries to establish the right attitude in serving customers. Stimulate participants to understand the market dynamic, think out of the box and with positive mindset

Level 3: Consultative Sales Strategy

This area covers the selling from customer’s perspectives through understand the clients industry’s situation, driving force and competitive advantages before offering your solutions. A comprehensive approach in understanding the macro and micro situation of the clients is shared and applied.

Level 4: Relationship Mastery

The 4th area covers an in-depth understanding of personality types in order to broaden sales versatility in handling various types of customers as the same time build long-term relationship with clients. Personality tool will be used to better understand self and client’s preference in intake information, make decision, recharge self, and react to the external world.

Consultative Sales Championship: integrated case study

At the end of the program, an integrated case study is used to help participants to internalize the learnt skill and put it in real life situation. This case study examines how participants set strategy and practice different stages of the selling cycle, which include first meeting, solution presentation and one-on-one client meeting

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