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Leading Beyond 2020 Program - Agile Transformation


In this program, I learnt that working with my colleagues with a team and let them to explore thier own practices in their daily work is crucial. I have to tell them what to do so they will tell me how to do solutions. After applied the learnt mindset and skills in my daily work, I find my team become more proactive in new project and the working atmosphere is happier than before.

BLENDED LEARNING is a proactive learning mode so we have to take initiatives in pre-study plus reading related material before the e-class. I can absorb more knowledge during the interactive studies. Sharing and exchanges of real cases of participants are impressed and helpful.

The trainers have solid knowledge in these topics and they were reflecting thier viewpoints with positive comments after the sharing of all participants. In addition, the course design focus on the needs of all participants so I can share among participants with similar role in our works. The contents are very practical with real cases around the world to make the learning in real life.

I would recommend the agile leadership management to my friends and partners. I need to tell them this will make them a better team with higher motivation.

Dominic Lam
COO | CMA Testing

Leading Beyond 2020 Program - Agile Transformation

CHALLENGING the status quo , Very INSPIRING!
Absolutely, one of my ACHIEVEMENTS in 2020!

New way of study, pre-study tools really help before virtual class. Especially like the assessment, the analysis is good reminder to address the area for improvement in both work and life.

New VUCA and future leaders competencies. “ Fail early, fail fast, fail forward”. Just the right timing, inspirating a lot of new ideas and practical management tools that can be used right away.

Under the "New Normal" circumstances, BLENDED LEARNING allows FLEXIBILITY. Anytime, anywhere, without too much boundaries. It unavoidable trend and option in additional to traditional training. Traditional one has temperature.

Trainers always important in training, esp. in blended learning approach. The tone, voice are crucial because lack of body language like traditional training. Eunice and Joseph are great people and trainers to engage throughout the course.

Last but not least, sure that I would highly recommend for those facing change management, organization transformation, agile project management or personal development.

Agnes Tang
Senior Regional Marketing Manager | Ecolab
Leading Beyond 2020 Program - Agile Transformation

Great to make myself an eye-opener, learnt the tools that can solve the problem.
Manage the team in non-traditional way in the New VUCA World.

I like both lecturers, the training topics and the atmosphere during the training. Agile Mindset and approach, make myself think more agile. It also help to solve the long outstanding problem

BLENDED LEARNING approach is good because it allows you at less some ideas of what the training going to discuss. Also it reminded your experience and questions that you can ask during the training. That is a lot better than the traditional training approach. 

The program also covered the skills that I can solve the problem and new things that I never learn. I recommend this program to my supervisors to attend, let them understand why we use Agile Approach and let them familiar of it.

Sean Lee
Senior Manager | Automated Systems (H.K.) Limited

Leading Beyond 2020 Program - Agile Transformation


It was a great learning experience and injected excellent insights into our teamwork and engagement dynamics. To cope with the VUCA new normal, we have to walk the talk to employ the skills and tips we absorbed to enhance corporate agility, adaptability and flexibility. Let’s move forward together!

Lillian Cheng
Director – Human Resources & Administration | Toppan Forms (Hong Kong) Limited
Leading Beyond 2020 Program  -  Agile Transformation


I like the BLENDED LEARNING experience including videos, readings and face to face online discussion which makes the learning more vivid and enjoyable. It encourages the self learning but yet provides interactive environment to learn from trainers and others on classes. YouTube videos makes the learning more fun and in anywhere. Besides, we are required to apply the learning our workplace and share the experience within the virtual class.

I learnt the competences of future leaders, agile manifesto and tools on performance management. Recently, I have applied the tool - "daily standups" in my team which brings higher clarity, better ownership and momentum.

The trainers explains the ideas in an easy understandable way. Besides, real life and up to date examples are used to illustrate ideas and deepen the learning.

I would recommend the course for those who are looking for impactful ways to lead their organization in the agile world.

Jeannie Hung
Finance Manager | Dixons Sourcing Hong Kong Limited

Leading Beyond 2020 Program - Agile Transformation 

The blended learning approach works best for me!!! 

The course has covered great information, case study, practices and tools, which are applicable to work. Both the trainers, Joseph and Eunice, were inspiring and motivational

Blended learning Approach allows participants to have self-paced pre-study and interactive live online sessions and coaching.

It is much more efficient and effective than the traditional training approach.

Michelle Mak
Hotel Manager
Leading Beyond 2020 Program - Agile Transformation

Excellent Trainers and Program!

I like the BLENDED LEARNING approach designed for this “Leading Beyond 2020” online program – (1) The well selected videos and cased chosen for pre-class self-learning enable participants to better prepare for the learning and group discussion in live zoom class; (2) The weekly submitted learner guides and exercise helps participants to recap, reflect and reinforce each week learning; (3) The post-program action plan and group coaching are very powerful resources to support and sustain participants’ practice and application in real work. It enables the learning effectiveness and manages diverse intelligence participants. Participants will be more engaged and committed to their own learning outcome.

The VUCA Prime model, the new mindset and framework for leadership agility and sustainability can prepare us to effectively strategize and win in VUCA times. As a training consultant, I value customer centric and co-creation in order to discover their unmet, potential and unsatisfied needs. The “guided missile” mindset allow me to be more flexible to response to change and the prototype will help me to fail early, fail cheap and fail forward but better win the customer by addressing the core issues in my interactions with customers.

The trainers, Eunice and Joseph, are definitely passionate and professional for designing this quality program and engaging participants effectively in zoom training. They have a very good intention to help us learn by doing.

I treasure to have learnt the Agile mindset, tools and practices which are very useful for me to cope with the challenging VUCA time. The trainers have demonstrated professional facilitation skills in zoom to engage, empower and enable the learning effectiveness of participants and I found it a very enriching and fruitful online learning experience.

Jimmy Wan
Facilitator, Executive Coach and Trainer
Leading Beyond 2020 Program - Agile Transformation

Program is FRUITFUL
Pre-workshop Videos are INFORMATIVE

BLENDING LEARNING approach is lively and help digested step by step. The pre-workshop materials for which examples and application in the theory and concepts are abundant are useful and helpful for participants for easily digested in self-pacing learning mode.

The video teaching is easily understood by using lively examples

The learnt Agile practices and concepts like Osmotic communication, fail early fail forwards, high tech low touch are most helpful and practically appliable to my daily work. 

Live Online training class via Zoom with well-organised power points were delivered proficient and systematically.

The program is Highly Recommended!
Elsa Wong
Health Professional
  “ This course truly helps me to discover more about myself – ESFJ and be encouraged to develop myself more in opposite personality direction – INTP, which helps to enrich my life with more colors. It opens my eyes to see myself, others and the world and deepens my understanding of different characters which helps me much easier to understand others. The trainer, Eunice, is a sincere & humble person who conducted the course with passion and heart. Her presentation is well organized – Class “A” trainer provides in-depth knowledge but not difficult to understand. The course is conducted in high level of interaction – full of two-way communications, group discussion, interesting exercises and her debriefings.

I appreciate that the course is trainee oriented – Eunice is willing to listen and give advices and solutions to different management hot issues raised by trainees, which makes the training applicable, such as how to deal with different styles of boss and how to manage new generation - 80’s / 90’s in workplace. It is not easy to find such a management expert nowadays in HK but I was excited when I met her. :D “

Margaret Shiu
HR Manager, VTech Corporate Services Ltd
I attended the Full Leadership Course, with Eunice Chen as trainer, in 2011. I feel a top to bottom changes in my whole life after attending the course. I know better the needs of my family especially those of my elder son. This course fits everybody of different personality traits. My personality type is less common in the whole population and it makes others more difficult to understand my behavior. With this course I know what to do and how to live in a better way. I can and more willing to think from the view points of others and being more considerate to the "actual needs", not the "perceived needs" of others.

I am impressed of the experience and teaching style of Eunice Chen. She is a very professional and excellent trainer. She keeps modifying and putting additional information in her lectures, and quotes very vivid and appropriate examples to elaborate difficult concepts and ideas. Her role plays are very interesting, touching and very impressive. She encourages active participation of the class as well as practical application of knowledge. All these can enhance multi-tasking and multi-skilling in leadership. Her lectures remind my past studies and call upon my past experiences and thus can sharpen my skills in leadership as well my future relationship with people. This is a must -taken course for all people who want to have a better understanding of oneself and others. It is a stepping stone for people who want to take some other management courses. For people who have attended the other management course, it can stimulate thinking and help people to reflect what have been learnt before.

The Full Leadership Alumni so set up and serves as a platform for knowledge/experience sharing of all students. Eunice kindly makes use of these gatherings to help alumni to break through their difficulties on application of the Full Leadership course. She also trains the core members of the Full Leadership Alumni on the application of leadership skills. It also increases our social networks through activities and facebook connection.

Joseph Chiu
“This course is useful and easy to understand, and has some really good real-world examples that are wonderful. In contrast with other complicated personality courses, this course helps you to understand yourself and make you realize that everyone is different and sees things from a different perspective. The best part is that the trainer, Eunice tells you HOW people see things differently and HOW best to interact with them. She presents you with some assessments and case studies where you can practice making use the various techniques. They are simple yet useful. The most entertaining and informative parts of the course are the use of MBTI personality type for self-awareness and building better relationships both in the workplace and at home. In additional, Johari windows assessment helps us unleash individual character strengths.

In business and in life, communication is the key to success. Learning to use the power of Personality Type is the key to communicating more effectively and enhancing effective interaction with friends, colleagues, bosses, etc. I am an introvert. What I really like about this course is that Eunice understands what it is like to be an introvert in the business world. She makes us realize that we have natural advantages and that a balance is what needs to get! For example, as an introvert I dislike networking. If I am at an event, after an hour or so, I become drained and need to be alone and to get away from the crowd. I used to think that this was simply being not sociable, but Eunice explains that as introverts we need this time for ourselves to recharge. Eunice is a role model and tells us how to network that makes perfect sense. This course has a lot for everyone: integrated, comprehensive and applicable; not simply about tricks, flattery or social politics. Eunice convinced us that a good leader evolved from self-leadership (leadership style), to leadership effectiveness (planning, organizing and controlling), to personnel effectiveness (motivation, communication and delegation), to foresight leadership (visionary and mission). And contemporary leader needs to be situational – vary your style to meet the needs of people you lead. These are eye-openers for me and my classmates.

Overall, I find this course well worth the investment. In fact, our fellow classmates and myself are aspiring for a top-up course.

Raymond Ho
Chief Financial Officer, Media Source Holdings Ltd
“MBTI” 是一個非常有用的工具,使同學更能了解自己的特質, 可以針對自己的 弱點作進一步改善,還可以幫助同學改善人際關係。 根據分析各人不同的特質, 同學可以更有方向地處理與其他人的關係,如上司、下屬、朋友等。

Full Leadership課程生動, 導師Eunice不單傳援理論,更因應每位同學的處景及個案 作出分析和指導,使同學更易明白及印象深刻。 Eunice是一位很有熱誠導師,對 同學付出的眞心,對教導的誠意,令人印象難忘。

Rebecca Wong
這課程包括了最現代化的領導技巧和理論,例如21世紀的領導技巧趨勢,領袖的 自我認知,溝通與談判,激勵技巧,授權技巧,團隊管理等等。除了這些,課程 也運用先進的評估工具,去幫助學員更加深入了解和認知自我和他的隊團,例如 MBTI 評估,Johari Window評估,Tuckman 團隊評估,各種領導技巧和理論的自 我反思等等。

在這課程中我除了更新了領導技巧和理論之外,亦洞察了領袖必須不時反思和評 估自我和他的團隊,尋找改善的空間和配合不斷變化的環境,尊重和善用人與人 之間的差異,有效地去完成隊團目標。

課程最獨特是很強調領導技巧和理論的應用和實用性,導師甄穗怡小姐除了在訓 練技巧很專業之外,也曾在大型商業機構有多年的管理經驗,能夠很生動地引導 學員交流和擴寬實戰經驗,在課堂上能激發學員的思維,看到問題的核心。 如果有朋友或同事考慮這課程,我會和他分享我的體驗和鼓勵他們報讀。

Dickson Chan
Consultant, Rail Consult Company Limited
作為公司的中層管理人員, 從Full Leadership Program課程獲益良多。 學習了性格分析(MBTI), 就是先了解自己再了解身邊其他人包括同事上司下屬親 人,從而改善合作相處關係。運用性格分析以推動同事,相當有效。日常應用為 了解不同下屬的性格,從而引發他們內在推動力, 工作表現因而提昇,這樣比起 單由金錢物質所推動更見其效。

課程令自己學習到性格無好壞之分。 作為上司是要安排委派合適工作給同事使其 能發揮個人長處。 個人成長方面,明白到自己過去工作上順境的原因,是因為得 到公司給予很多工作機會又能與自己性格配合。 在上課程其間正正是處於工作上 的逆境, 情況是未能調節自己應付工作上人事變化, 及中層管理人員再向上升要 面對的挑戰及要求,在課程裡面找到了要如何先改變自己, 從而影響到身邊的人 事物,慢慢將逆境變成順境。

課程不單有理論也注重應用,導師除了教授管理理念,也會就個別同學獨特個案 作分析,從真實個案,可以引發大家討論不同觀點及處理方法, 做到互相學習及 實際地應用所學的技巧。

感覺到導師Eunice Chen真誠地想幫同學們解決所面對的問題,能引導同學思考問 題背後成因,同學再自行考慮合適的相應決定或行動以改善處境。課堂之後, Eunice 現在已成為我的好友 ! 這課程能令自己有以上認識及改變,實始料未及!誠意推介給大家 : 做好管理先從 「人」開始。

Cindy Lee
Senior Business Analyst / Information System Dept. Broadway Photo Supply Ltd.

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