Team Building

Team Building

Great teams are versatile, supportive and strong from top to bottom. This mentality can be created by delicate design of training programs. Apex Institute has extensive experience of delivering various kinds of leadership and team experiential training through adventure and activity-based programs, which aimed at revealing staff’s potential, enhancing team spirit, and encouraging personal development. Ultimately, staff works towards goals that are aligning with the vision, mission and strategies of the organization and ready to strive for excellence.

Low-event Adventure Training
This series encourages team collaboration spirit, increases emotional intelligence and enhances effective communications and cooperation among team members to achieve the desired results. The use of leading, planning, strategic thinking and resource allocation skills is also emphasized in the activities.
High-event Adventure Training
By encouraging participants to step outside their comfort zone, this program provides the opportunity for them to reach their full potential. It enables personal breakthrough and transformation, strengthens one’s confidence, persistence and flexibility to resolve problems and achieve desired goals in different situations
War Game
This activity pays special attention to strategic thinking and implementation. It allows everyone to practice leadership and team collaboration skills in the game setting
City Hunting / Treasure Hunting
This funny but challenging program cultivates innovative thinking, problem solving and the determination to overcome obstacles. It also enhances team work and instills a sense of perseverance for the participants.
Wellness Team Building
Mindfulness exercises and activities are applied to allow the participants to have a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Psychological approaches (Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP) will be used. Participants can acquire the simple techniques to uplift their confidence and calmness to interact and build good relationship with others.
Embracing Personality Differences Team Building
Apply personality tools to embrace contributions of team members and build a performing team. People are different, but predictably different. Let the participants to understand and embrace the differences to build high performance team with complementary strengths and release the power of synergy in diversity.

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