Innovative Problem Solving

Innovative Problem Solving

  • Adopt innovative mindset and learn step-by-step logical approach to apply innovation at work
  • Many people think that innovation is inborn and di­fficult to learn, with the step-by-step logical approach to innovative problem solving, participants will find innovation learnable. Innovation is to break through inadequate assumption, and the assumption can be made known by examining the question in the mind.

  • Adopt innovative mindset and approach
  • Learn and apply practical innovation skills to solve problems, enhance outcomes and innovate services


  • Innovative mindset: turning problems into innovation statements
  • Innovative ideas generation: four ways to generate ideas
  • Innovative ideas selection framework
  • Innovative idea implementation: strengthening the idea and different roles in implementation


  • Step-by-step method to break through assumptions and broaden mindset by revising questions in the mind, generate innovative ideas with simple method, select, and strengthen the ideas and implement to solve problems, enhance outcomes and innovate services.

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