Business Innovation with Design Thinking

Business Innovation with Design Thinking

“Design Thinking” is a popular way of organizing work in an iterative and human-centered approach leads to extraordinary improvement. It helps to unleash people’s creative energies, win their commitment and radically improve processes. Through the training, the participants learn and apply the tools and methods in design thinking to stimulate customer-centric innovation.


  • Gain understanding on the core concepts of Design Thinking, Customer Experience, and UX/UI Design
  • Learn to apply user-centered design in product & process development and project management
  • Using Design Thinking and Customer Experience Design to relevant areas at work


  • Understand the core concept of Design Thinking and Experience Design
  • Define the problem based on the insights from Empathy
  • Gain insight through Experience Journey from user’s perspective
  • Build empathy with the target users to identify their needs and challenges
  • generate ideas for formulating the solution
  • Create prototypes to solicit feed-back to validate solutions


  • Focused on the practicality of Design Thinking methods on real life works and the general insights for the power and potential of the methods. The workshop will be fun, playful and full of valuable discussion and feedback to enrich the learning of the participants.

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