Three levels of Customization

Three levels of Customization

To develop effective programs fulfilling the specific objectives of our clients, we customize our consulting and training on three levels:

Strategic Customization
Prior to program development, we assess thoroughly the situation, concern and objectives of our clients to identify how the corporate strategy should be integrated with the programs, ensuring that activities designed are linked to organization and business goals
Content Customization
f the training content are relevant to the work of the participants, they can apply the learnt skill four time better than the generic content, as revealed in researches in organizational learning. To ensure that concepts, knowledge and skills delievered in workshops are applicable and compelling, careful consideration is put on relating content to the scenarios and experience of the participants
Facilitation Customization
We utilize profound psychological tools, contemporary management concepts as well as Chinese wisdom in an appropriate mix adhere to the needs of different participants. As we analyze leadership and personality styles individually, participants would be facilitated to develop skills that best fit their goals and business requirements..

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