Leading Beyond 2020 II

About the EVENT

“Hard times create strong people, strong people create good times”

As a leader in your organization, you may be thinking …
• How can I lead my people through the crisis?
• How do I build my leadership in such a tough time?
• What should I do to prepare for the next?

 Why you need to attend this program?  Why Apex offer 100% Sponsorship?


In the past year, we have been facing a series of social events and the outbreak of COVID-19 which severely impact Hong Kong and the global economy.

Amid these turbulences, people are desperate for leaders who can lead them through the unprecedented challenges and pave the way for the disruptive and uncertain future. There is a rising demand on a new way of leadership now and for the coming new normal.

In this new leadership program, you will
• Learn the new leadership mindsets and competencies required for the future leaders beyond 2020
• Understand agile leadership framework, and acquire practices and tools for leadership agility, organization sustainability, decision making, people engagement and collaboration
• Acquire practices and tools to develop agile culture and values in your circle of influence
Connect and learn with leaders in various sectors and come up with solutions to lead your people and yourself to a better future in the new normal

Suitable for
Team leaders, middle to senior management in organizations in various industries
especially for who are working in a fast changing industry and leading a diverse workforce.

Course Features
 Leadership assessment
Understand YOUR leadership competencies. Identify YOUR leadership development direction in this era of transformation.
 Learning by sharing in small class
More personal interactions, discussions and explorations enhance the training and learning experience and make it more related to YOU and YOUR situation

New Concept, Latest Approach
Learn the latest people management approach that have been adopted by the successful enterprises, e.g. Google, DBS, Spotify
 Practical Tools and Practices
Learn the tools and practices bit by bit to transform your team and lead them move forward together, cultivate the working rhythm and dance with change
 Application Sharing Group Coaching
Fill the gap between knowledge and real application. Every participant will have a complimentary 3-hour group coaching session after completing the training sessions. We assist YOU apply the learnt skills and overcome your barriers and difficulties side by side. 

Course outline
Session 1: Leadership required in the VUCA world and beyond 2020  Week 1 

Session 2: New mindset and framework for leadership agility and sustainability Week 2 

Session 3:Innovative practices and tools for agile leader beyond 2020 Week 3  

Session 4: Co-create the culture with your people and develop your blue print for leadership success Week 4 

Download the brochure for program full details.

To Start Transformational Journey......

Original Price: HK$9,500 per participant
100% Sponsorship of Training fee and FREE Now**
limited seat available
1. Assessments (Agile Leadership assessment + Organizational agility readiness assessment)
2. Videos for Pre-workshop online learning 
3. Virtual small class training via ZOOM- FOUR 2.5-hours sessions (total 10 hours) in facilitation approach by our experienced consultant
4. Complimentary one 3-hour group coaching session via ZOOM after completion of 10-hour training class.

1. Application: 100% Sponsorship of Training Fee is available now. In order to maximise the opportunity for more organizations to join this training program, the application is limited to one employee per company. Applicant who is in middle to senior position is preferred.

2. Refundable deposit: Successful applicant is required to pay H$2,000 in advance as deposit which will be fully refunded after completion of Not LESS than 80% of the WHOLE program.

3. Apex Institute reserves the right for final decision and interpretation of the terms and conditions.

*** LEARNING PLUS PACKAGE (Optional) ***

If you want to have a comprehensive understanding of your leadership competencies and develop your personalized leadership development roadmap, you are recommended to join the Learning Plus Package with surcharges at HK$2,000 per participant, which includes

1. Paradox Graph of Harrison Assessment Report
2. One 1.5-hour 1 to 1 coaching session before start the 10-hr class training

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Event Details
Live Online Training Class II Schedule
Date: 8, 15, 22, 29 July 2020 (Wed)
Time: 19:00-21:30

Medium: Cantonese with English terminology
Original Price: HK$9,500
100% Sponsorship of Training Fee and FREE Now!!!!
limited seat available

(HK$2,000 refundable deposit upon your seat is confirmed and will be fully refunded after completion of not less than 80% of the WHOLE program)

OPTIONAL Learning-Plus Package is available at surcharge: HK$ 2,000 per participant,
which includes
1. Paradox Graph of Harrison Assessment Report
2. One 1.5-hour 1 to 1 coaching session

Our Speakers
Dr. Joseph Wong
Principal Consultant | Apex Institute
EdD, MSc, BSc(Eng), PMP, PMI-ACP, Certified ScrumMaster, ITIL Expert & MP, DISC, MBTI
A management training expert and seasoned management practitioner specialized in business agility, project management, strategic planning, coaching and IT service management. He is renowned for his interactive training approach and the ability of integrating management best practices and making them simple and easy to apply.
View Dr. Joseph Wong’s Profile
Dr. Eunice Chen
Director | Apex Institute
DBA, MBA, BSc, Dip in Marketing, ABNLP, Enneagram, MBTI, DISC
Eunice is a practical strategist, consultant and trainer on change management and leadership. She has conducted thoughtful research on leadership development during her doctorate degree study. Together with her interest in psychology, personality analysis, IT background and rich management experience, she provides consultancy and leadership trainings for many organisations to excel.
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