Agile Mindset and Practices

Agile Mindset and Practices

  • Adopt the latest agile leadership and management mindset and practices for the digital ageAgile mindset and practices are the latest leadership and management practices for the fast-changing digital age.
  • Agile methodology, including Scrum, is an iterative and incremental method to develop and deliver service and product in a flexible and interactive manner and engage team and stakeholder in today’s highly dynamic environment


  • Understand and appreciate the values and mindset of agile leadership and management
  • Learn basic agile management practices, tools and techniques to deliver value earlier, engage stakeholders better and increase productivity


  • Introduction to Agile values and mindset
  • Agile method: Scrum framework and Scrum roles
  • Agile practices, tools and techniques: collocation, standup meeting, user stories, planning, review and retrospective
  • Agile implementation considerations and case studies


  • Integrate trainer’s real-life experiences, case studies, worldwide best practice of Agile Project Management and Scrum Method, and adapted into real-life practices

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