Leading Change

Leading Change

Develop successful leaders in the changes and introduce practical ways to engage stakeholders, manage potential problems and opportunities and lead change effectively.
  • Understand and overcome the resistance in leading a successful change in an organization
  • Acquire the practical framework for leading change in the organization.
  • Acquire the skills for engaging people for changes to lower the impact


  • Understand different responses and four types of resistance to change based on BRIC resistance model
  • Introduce Apex’s Step-up Process for successful Corporate Transformation to lead change effectively
  • Analyse the stakeholders by Power-Interest matrix and engage them properly
  • Apply Kepner and Tregoe’s potential problem analysis and potential opportunity analysis to reduce risks and enhance success of change


  • apply Apex’s A to H “Step up Process for Successful Corporate Transformation” as a framework.

Change Alignment for Corporate Transformation

 Throughout the process of change, it is critical to ensure that every stakeholder has the right attitude, perspective and team spirit. Our team is experienced in helping clients to foster the ‘can do and will do’ culture that encourages continuous improvement for sustained success through corporate transformation programs, which align the vision, mission, goals and strategies of the organization with the contribution, roles and actions of the leaders and every business unit.


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